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Are you a student (Master or Doctorate), with a passion for the digital world, and you enjoy some international exposure or culture?

Why not take part in this first International Student Award, with Digital Grenoble bringing to you the opportunity to showcase your talent, to network with qualified entrepreneurs?

Startups, Blue Chip companies, Investors, Unicorns, Tech Hubs, Open Innovation, Digital Transformation, Business Models, Uberisation. 

Digital is revolutionising the economy and society as a whole. What are the scenarios up to 2026 ? 

Imagine one or two scenarios that will illustrate this dynamics.  Your vision, both historical and prospective, will bring clues to guide today’s decision makers, will elicit the role of digital technologies and forces at play.

Realisme or likelihood is not the point, nobody knows what 2026 will be.  Only the insights your analysis brings will matter.

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  • The award is open to teams of two students from higher education, Master or Doctorate.  The team will show an international component, e.g. one French and one International student, or two French students one of them currently studying abroad or just coming back, or the work will be undertaken in connection with a foreign institute, etc.  The team will take advantage of bringing together complementary profiles, e.g. technical and not technical.
  • Application takes place on Digital Grenoble website (digital-grenoble.com).
    Application process closes on 7 March 2016 (if you are late, send an email to contact@digital-grenoble.com).  Application can be registered under a single name, we’ll then give you two more weeks to find your teammate.
  • Team will produce a ca. 10 page long memo, in French or in English.  Only PDF format is accepted.  Deadline for memo submission is 17 April.Please send it in PDF format. Prizes will be announced and presented to winners on 13 May 2016.
  • The jury panel gathers personnel from the founding partners.
  • Prizes are: 2 x 500€ for the 1st prize ; 2  x 300€ for the second, and 2 x 200€ for the third. Non-monetary prizes will also be offered: internships, visits, opportunities to present your work to the founders’ executive staff.  Founding companies will each offer one or two strategic internships, which will be offered to all participants, based on availability, ranking and adequacy.

Dates to remember

  • Applications close on 7 March 2016 (if you are late, send an email to contact@digital-grenoble.com)
  • Memo submission on PDF format before 17 April 2016.
  • Festive event for prizes annoucement on 13 May 2016.


Register for the award


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