Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes est une région phare du numérique. Sur le CES Las Vegas 2017, le plus grand salon mondial dédié aux nouvelles technologies, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes sera ainsi la 1ère délégation régionale de France avec 36 startups exposantes.

Découvrez qui sont ces startups et startuppers et surtout quelles sont leurs innovations !

Les startups de French Tech in the Alps


Alpwise is a leading worldwide provider of Bluetooth Smart protocol stack, and an IoT device Designer. The BlueWiseLE® SDK provides all the protocol layers, including the Link Layer, the Host Stack and profiles. BlueWiseLE® provides a full testing framework to help semiconductor and IoT integrators design, and qualify their products to Bluetooth SIG specifications. Thanks to our expertise in Wireless Technologies, we design turnkey IoT devices for our customers.

Contact : / +33 677 044 702 Serge Veyres, CEO /


Apitrak helps you keep track of any mobile asset within your buildings. Just in France, one billion dollars’ worth of assets is lost each year in hospitals and we aim to reduce this bill. Our solution works on your existing Wifi infrastructure: you can get started in a few hours. With Apitrak, you will save time looking for assets; and you will save money on your inventory.

Contact : / +33 456 099 844 Vincent Lê, CEO /


Ark develops giant touchscreen technology for walls, floors and ceilings. New sports are made interactive and video games made physical for the 5,000 European fitness, tennis, bowling, karting and laser game centers! The 250,000,000 yearly visitors of these centers will soon be able to enjoy new gameplays, feedback about their performances and real-world fantasy adventures. This technology is aimed at becoming the next generation of arcade products designed by R-Cade, the worldwide leader in quality arcade manufacture.

Contact : / +33 479 695 320 Lionel Chataignier, CEO /

Aryballe technologies 

NeOse is the next generation of Electronic Nose, based on a unique technology mimicking the human olfactory sense. Handy and portable, NeOse provides for the first time to smart home, automation and robotics an access to a universal olfactory sensor able to detect, record and recognize odors.

Contact : / +33 680 420 754 Julien Venturini, Business Development

Bixi – Bluemint Labs I CES Innovation Awards 2017

Bixi is the first ultra portable and intuitive hand-gesture recognition device for touchfree use of smart devices. Bixi commands the devices (smartphones, tablets & other connected objects such as lifx, Bose speakers or a GoPro) by translating natural movements into meaningful actions. Available for pre-orders since October, Bixi will be in stores early 2017. Bixi has been developed by Bluemint Labs, a technology startup focused on creative intuitive human machine interfaces for simplifying daily life.

Contact : / +33 788 484 800 Vijayaraghavan Narayanan, CEO & Founder /


eLichens platform delivers Air Quality high resolution digital mapping at an optimized cost and a fast time to deploy. Our unique platform is powered by best in class gas dispersion model & in house cost effective sensors. The Air Quality data becomes now relevant and it allows personalized services. eLichens solutions come with a disruptive and patented Multi-gas (CO2, CH4 …) optical MEMS sensors based on NDIR which address both industrial & consumer electronics markets.

Contact : / +33 603 258 539 Marc Attia, CMO /


EnerBee’s new product ensures good air and wellness at home by measuring, analyzing and controlling indoor air quality. Seamless, easy-to-install and fully-autonomous in energy, it embeds air flow & air quality sensors, powered by EnerBee’s unique energy generator. The product brings intelligence to ventilation systems to improve homes’ and buildings’ indoor air quality, while effectively controlling your energy costs.

Contact : / +33 458 005 407 Maxime Vincent, Product Manager /


Have you ever seen great time lapse photography? These videos where you can see a long event in a few seconds like a blooming flower, a construction project built from the ground to the sky or the sun rising, the clouds passing overhead and the sun setting over a panoramic vista. Enlaps is a unique, complete, plug-and-play time lapse solution, from initial photography to sharing over the web. Infinite battery energy and no memory card limit, for a professional quality result. For professional photographers, photography lovers, or for fun. In 1 month Enlaps got 500 backers for 185 on Kickstarter !

Contact : Antoine Auberton, CEO /


GoTouchVR is an innovative design company. It is made up of experts in haptics who are pioneering tactile solutions for Virtual and Augmented Reality and who improve the user experience by introducing highquality haptic devices for hand interaction. We are proposing VRTouch, a wearable ring that creates a real contact under the user’s fingers. The coupling of virtual (sight) and real contact (VRTouch) generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR.

Contact Eric Vezzoli, CTO /

HAP2U I CES Innovation Awards 2017

HAP2U technology, based on haptic feedback, brings a new dimension to touch screen: the sensation of touch. With this patented technology integrated into the touch screen, the user feels as if turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and potentially perceives various textures. A broad range of usage and applications are targeted: mobile, automotive, gaming, e-commerce …

Contact / +33 456 529 443 Cédrick Chappaz, CEO /

In&motion I CES Innovation Awards 2017

The In&motion moto airbag vest has 3 functions: DETECT a loss of balance, PROTECT the biker’s body, INFORM relatives and rescue teams. In&motion moto Airbag is a light, wearable vest worn underneath a jacket. The embedded detection device can detect a crash of a biker and inflates an air bladder to protect the most sensitive body areas. After the deployment, the app informs a relative with the GPS coordinates to launch the rescue.

Contact : / +33 648 501 105 A-L Hoegeli, Communication Manager /

Lancey Energy Storage

Lancey Energy Storage provides a plug and play space heater integrating a lithium battery. The patented architecture provides up to 50% bill economy, storing electricity when it’s cheap and consuming it when the user needs it most. Easy to install, compatible with Demand Response policies, controlled by your smartphone and allowing important energy savings, the space heater by Lancey Energy Storage is the smartest way to store energy.

Contact : / +33 640 904 003 Gilles Moreau, CTO /

We are a creator of connected objects that reinforce relationships thanks to the emotional power of objects combined with technology. Our first product, LoveBox, is a gift for your loved one, made of wood in the little village of SaintAmour (Jura, France). With the mobile app, from anywhere in the world, at anytime of day and night, you are the only person who can send love messages to her/his LoveBox at home.

Contact : / +33 677 664 955 Marie Poulle, CMO /


The digitalization of sports in fitness centers. A hardware and software platform to measure, analyze and share individual and group training sessions: EASY CONNECT AND TRAIN. A new dimension of smart and virtual health and well-being coaching to support the active consumers in their training. As a beginning, a new generation of Fitness-Boxing, mixing efficiency, motivation and pleasure.

Contact : / +33 686 127 879 Olivier Thomas, CTO /


How to find the wine that corresponds to your tastes without only having to trust other wine tasters’ opinions? MyOeno has developed an object connected to a mobile application that characterizes objectively the style of the wine you are savouring, memorizes your preferences and suggests comparable wines.

Contact : / +33 684 538 057 Bastien Guillebastre, Président /


Smart showerheads for smart savings! HYDRAO smart and enlightened showerheads make it easy for the whole family to save water, energy and money. Fun and educational, HYDRAO changes colour according to your water usage and pairs with your smartphone so you can track your water and energy savings data. After winning its first CES Innovation Awards in 2016, HYDRAO has successfully launched « HYDRAO First » and expanded its product offering with two new concepts, both recipients of CES 2017 Innovation Awards.

Contact / +33 633 871 547 Gabriel Della Monica, CEO /


Smart Me Up

Smart Me Up has developed a real-time face analysis technology on video streams. Their tools can extract the gender of a person, the position of the head in 3D, the age, emotions, and can also identify the person. This technology, purely software, opens up wonderful application opportunities. It can be integrated everywhere that human vision could be useful: cameras for crowd detection, smart toys, interactive advertising and vehicles analyzing drivers’ attention.

Contact : / +33 769 214 149 Hervé Marchet, COO /


A motion recording device plugged into your camera in one second, combined with a post-treatment software. SteadXP turns any handheld video into a fully stabilized, professional grade, cinematic shot. SteadXP IOT Booth 50665

Contact : /+33 663 295 052 Adrien Farrugia, Président /


SUBLIMED develops actiTENS, a medical device, and targets the chronic pain market which concerns 1.5 billion people worldwide. actiTENS offers a miniaturized, thin and flexible device, which is directly worn on the body and adapts itself to the morphology of each patient. Easily hidden under clothes, connected to a smartphone, actiTENS discreetly supports patients in daily activities and brings physician information to evaluate the efficacy of therapy and to adapt treatment.

Contact : / +33 686 655 951 Nicolas Karst, CEO /


Les startups de Lyon French Tech


clim8 is the first heating clothing technology intelligent enough to monitor and analyze the wearer’s temperature and activity and the climatic conditions. Thanks to a dedicated app and a complex algorithm, clim8 also takes into account the wearer’s cold sensitivity and personal profile to automatically deliver the appropriate amount of heat in real time. The result is a highly customized thermal comfort, adapted to any body type, in any condition.

Contact Florian Miguet, CEO /


Friendly and voice-controlled, BONJOUR, is the first alarm clock you’ll be happy to wake up to. BONJOUR is an AI driven alarm-clock that combines sleek and elegant design with an intuitive, easy and interactive UI. A valuable assistant, BONJOUR makes your morning routine easier by analyzing live data, such as traffic news and weather forecasts, to ensure you make the most of every day. Waking up has never been so good!

Contact / +33 952 700 575 Jérôme Schonfeld, CEO /

Kiwi Plug

Wherever there is a use of smartphones and tablets Kiwi Box is useful. It allows users to charge, without any additional wires up to six devices at the same time. KIWI BOX’s innovative and patented interchangeable tip system allows you to safely, quickly and easily charge almost any combination of portable devices. It can also be branded or personalized and become an innovative and original promotional, decorative gift.

Contact : / +33 622 511 188 Guillaume Guttin, Founder & CEO /

Linkoo Technologies

Linkoo is specialized in wearables and IOT solutions. The French company develops devices such as the first waterproof GPS smartwatch for kids and the first 3G GPS smartwatch for seniors. The range of products includes a smart cup, to program water consumption and display drink temperature and a pet tracker. The company distinguishes itself with a unique web platform U-CARE to manage all devices and follow in real time the activity and geolocation of your family.

Contact : / +33 785 400 864 Lionel Legros, Founder & CEO /


Miraxess is developing Mobile Convergence. As people increasingly depend on their smartphones to organize their personal lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. Miraxess introduces the Mirabook, a laptop extension for Smartphones. Plug in your Phone and unleash the real power of the computer held in your hand to increase your productivity and comfort for work or entertainment.

Contact : / +33 667 742 453 Julien Guillaud, Business developer Associate /


MyBlueShip has developed a unique patented technology, TTS®, including software and a tiny hardware, the POP, to authenticate reviews through a consumer proof of presence. We firstly focus on two solutions, named « pop&eat » for the restaurants and « pop&stay » for rental accommodations. Fraudulent reviews will grow sophisticated and result in significant financial loss for companies. Our solutions protect reputation and secure revenues.

Contact : / +33 679 342 743 Eric Benrey, CEO /


Parkmatch is a matchmaker which creates love stories between cars and parking spaces. Through a mobile app and a connected device, we link private parking owners with drivers in metropolitan centers for automatic and short-term rental. Our technology handles door-opening without personal encounter nor modification of the existing system. We make drivers match with our network of parking owners, saving time and money while ensuring security and simplicity to all users.

Contact : / +33 614 427 448 Romain Fournier, CEO /


TwinswHeel is an autonomous parcel delivery droid. We design and manufacture the droids that will contribute to the future of urban logistic. The first step is to focus on enclosed sites such as large industrial sites and, shortly after, cities with e-commerce and convenience stores. Our droid is based on the autonomous vehicle in order to succeed in the self-sufficient goods delivery business. TwinswHeel is a smart, flexible and efficient droid for all year round delivery 24/7.

Contact : / +33 662 232 056 Vincent Talon, CEO /


Ubiant presents the MyUbiant application and Luminion. MyUbiant and Luminion make your home connected and smart while reducing building’s energy footprint. They operate with HEMIS (Home Energy Management Intelligence System), a disruptive cloud platform solution developed by Ubiant for managing energy and well-being. The HEMIS technology is based on artificial intelligence. > Luminion won a 2016 CES Innovation Award in the “Tech for a Better World” Category.

Contact : / +33 620 880 398 François Demares, VP Innovation & Marketing /


WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf. It is a fashion accessory doubled with a filter. A flitering case inspired by professionnal devices is added to the scarf. It maximises the filtration efficiency and avoids a suffocating feeling. An app will give a real time mapping of air quality and will give tips/infomation to live better with pollution. WAIR is a solution to protect yourself from pollution, effectively and with style.

Contact : / +33 667 111 758 Fred Bernard, Marketing /


Les startups de French Tech Saint-Etienne & d’Auvergne


42tea aims to offer food lovers the best taste experience and transform each cup of tea into a delightful moment. With our application, linked with a connected cube, you will be guided throughout each step of the preparation (tea/water quantity, brewing temperature, brewing duration) with unique recommendations calculated for your taste and your taste only! Our application works with all varieties and brands of tea and includes recipes for cold and hot beverages.

Contact / +33 629 242 786 Lionel Heymans, CEO /


Maskott delivers cutting-edge digital solutions for Education and Training segments. Our ecosystem knowledge base, combined with a highly innovative culture, allows us to create intuitive tools, with a global approach focused on your needs. The Tactileo pedagogical ecosystem, and its ongoing evolution Tactileo Compass, open the way towards the next generation of Personal Learning Environments. They strengthen knowledge acquisition by providing learner and teacher intelligent support.

Contact : / +33 471 096 663 Sergio Carneiro, Int. Sales Director /


Perfect Memory is the leading provider of the innovative Semantic Digital Asset Management platform that speeds up the delivery of Catalogs all along the business chain. Perfect Memory improves the performance of recommendation, marketplace and Web Portail services for the Entertainer, the Brand and the retailer. IBC Finalist Award 2013, Top Semantic Startup 2013 award, European Seal of Excellence 2016.

Contact : / +33 661 763 493 Steny Solitude, CEO /


TapCards aim to revolutionize the sharing of your favorite memories with your loved ones. For that, our application allows you to create an album and mail them the very first photo connected to the digital album of memories: the Tapcard. Once the Tapcard has been delivered, the receiver lightly touches the Tapcard with his smartphone or tablet to instantly access the entire digital photo album without any app: it pops up directly on your screen.

Contact : / +33 613 481 075 Raphaël Lombard, CEO & Founder /


YESITIS proposes the whole chain value to identify Objects and proposes services for tracebility and secured access to the data. YESITIS will be able to manage NFC chips and QR codes with the same level of services and safety. «Secured access to the data» means simply to use a mobile medium, such as a smartphone, to activate a dynamic link between the chip and the database that hosts services for public or private Data access.

Contact : / +33 613 124 851 Nicolas Baudry /

Nov’in / FAYET

Dring is a smart alert technology that can be fitted into any object. We have created the smart cane, manufactured by Fayet, a century-old French handcrafted cane company. Our cane provides peace of mind to elderly people and their loved ones who can be alerted if anything unusual happens. Our common ambition: helping fragile people to live and move about with confidence.

Contact : / +33 477 891 072 Jérémie Bennegent, Event Manager /


Happeez is specialized in the development of connected solutions dedicated to families that make expectation of, and life with, baby easy and magical. Happeez is the place where they will find advice, memorize their best moments and monitor their connected devices. The 1st connected device compatible with Happeez is «Nutribaby + Connect»: the food processor that will change parents’ cooking experience and enable them to prepare healthy and tasty food for their family!

Contact : / +33 633 307 737 S. Gouttesoulard, Chief Digital Officer /


Have you ever dreamed to use the internet safely? With SYlink box you can! Learn with SYlink Box how to secure your home network and your devices from hackers. His powerful solution algorithms, will analyzes, detects and alerts dangers in real time. SYlink box will guarantee the safety of your home network and of your personal datas. Surf with peace of mind.

Contact : / +33 631 650 968 David Legeay, CEO /

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