The region’s digital ecosystem is banking on five areas of excellence: healthcare, energy, e-commerce, connected objects and the digital transformation. Digital Grenoble was the only metropolis to have identified healthcare as a key area in its French Tech candidacy.

“In Isere, there are already 10,000 jobs focused on developing technological systems for healthcare, an area that represents a turnover of €4.1 billion.” highlights Vincent Tempelaere, president of the Medicalps cluster.

MedicalpsThe cluster unites more than 70 members, of whom 50% are less than five years old. Grenoble’s capacity to support emerging champions in this field could soon be bolstered by the creation of an incubator dedicated to this cause.

Energy, the second area of excellence, carries important stakes such as creating smart grids, producing and managing renewable energy, and processing energy and user data. These challenges will require new technology as well as innovative uses for existing technology. With Grenoble’s cutting-edge position in this field, Digital Grenoble aims to encourage initiatives and welcome experimental ideas in order to promote the ecosystem’s visibility above and beyond the region.

E-commerce and connected objects, a cornerstone for Digital Grenoble

In Grenoble, connected objects are a vibrant part of the ecosystem, in particular due to the CEA-Leti’s work. More than 30 start ups (Movea, Microoled, Aledia, Primo 1D, ISKN, etc.) have also been created in the region to develop new uses for connected objects. A few of these start ups are already on their way towards large scale development. Grenoble’s activity in this sector is creating quite a buzz and by developing its incubator programs and uniting various skill sets, the region is ready to earn international recognition.

The fourth area of excellence is e-commerce. Back in 2000, the Kelkoo success story already highlighted the region’s excellence in this area. Thanks to the region’s competency in software development, Grenoble has successfully attracted several e-commerce pioneers. As a mix between commerce, marketing and software development, this area of excellence requires a specific combination of skills and it provides the region with many opportunities for new experiences.

Going digital for a sustainable economy

Grenoble’s candidacy for the French Tech label attributed critical importance to the digital transformation. This fifth area of excellence was underlined as a key priority.

“Digital Grenoble provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness among all companies and help them prepare for the challenges of a digital transformation, in particular the digitalization of customer relations. This will be a critical challenge for certain ‘traditional’ sectors of activity if they wish to remain viable over the long term.” explains Jean Vaylet, president of the Grenoble CCI.

On June 18, the Grenoble CCI and Clust’R Numérique organized a day dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges of a digital transformation. Numerous actions are also being planned for the future. For example, The Digital Company is an incubator being set up in the Totem that will be specifically dedicated to this theme.

The combination of all the above mentioned strengths provides Grenoble with a unique digital ecosystem. Many actors have already recognized these strengths and chosen to set up shop in the region. It is now up to Digital Grenoble to develop the region’s visibility and communicate on these many strengths to continue attracting new talents and ambitions.


Special Edition: Digital Grenoble – PRESENCES 265 September 2015