Grenoble and its surrounding agglomeration were awarded the French Tech label in recognition of the region’s strategic position as a digital metropolis. Given our history, this success was a natural step in the city’s evolution. In the 1950s, Grenoble was one of ten cities worldwide to participate in the birth of computer science. Today, with its many powerful digital players, the city’s IT sector is now recognized around the globe for its capacity to integrate hardware and software in products and adapt them to all fields, from economics to education, research, arts & culture, administration and other societal needs.

In 2011, the Grenoble-Alps Metropolis initiated a wide gathering of the region’s actors. Of the 618 actors listed in our directory, the most active volunteered approximately 5,000 hours of their time to help with the application process. After the label was awarded in November 2014, these same volunteers offered another 5,000 hours of their time to help create an organization dedicated to implementing the vision of Digital Grenoble.

The French Tech label now includes 14 digital metropolises (in June 2015, four metropolises were added to the original nine) and four thematic ecosystems. The next step is to continue promoting and supporting the creation of digital start-ups and their evolution towards SMEs as well as encouraging the growth of existing SMEs.

Jean-Pierre Verjus, president of Digital Grenoble

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