The French Tech label awarded to Digital Grenoble almost a year ago not only recognizes the individual quality of each local actor, but also the dynamic and collaborative effort put forth by all, including the Metropolis,which supported the initiative right from the start.

Of course, this was a joint adventure. The Grésivaudan region and the Grenoble CCI joined the application process alongside the Me- tropolis. Since then, other territories such as the Voironnais and Savoie regions have also voiced their interest in joining Digital Grenoble. I must say that I am thrilled to see this collaborative spirit continue to spread.

Today, the Totem building embodies the dynamism of the region’s start ups and digital actors. My wish is to see this building become the locus of interactions between all of the region’s actors so that they may enrich each other’s practices and create a synergy between the ecosystem and all of its actors.
I would like to highlight the work of all our partners and thank them sincerely for their efforts.

Our work has already given birth to new accelerators and a location that will soon welcome and accompany businesses. In addition, new services are also on their way. I am fully convinced by the potential of our ecosystem and the Metropolis will continue to support Digital Grenoble by providing the organization with added visibility to help attract companies, funding and talent. Together, we will continue to create jobs and develop our region.

Christophe Ferrari, president of the Grenoble-Alps Metropolis